Manning Elliott Solidifies Support for Innovation

If you’ve been to any major Vancouver Tech event, attended Vancouver Startup Week, or even come to any of The Profile’s three locations you would have noticed some familiar corporate logos and faces. Vancouver has a strong ecosystem with no shortage of corporate support from some great organizations. However, there has been one that consistently answers the bell in supporting The Profile Coworking Business Club; Manning Elliott Accountants & Business Advisors. 

A regular supporter to our ecosystem, Manning Elliott has now solidified their support by becoming a major sponsor of our Downtown location. ProfileMembers will have the ability to use and book the “Manning Elliott Innovation Room”, as well have the chance to sign up for office hours where they can meet with members of Manning Elliott to discuss their accounting and business needs. “The Profile prides itself on creating meaningful partnerships that benefits our membership base,” says Sunny Hundle, Cofounder/VP Operations at The Profile. “Manning Elliott is a fantastic resource for many of our entrepreneurs, and I am very excited to see how we continue to grow and develop this partnership.



We sat down with Paul Leedham, Partner with Manning Elliott to discuss this recent partnership:

What amazing things have been happening at Manning Elliott this year?

We continue to expand our technology practice services to keep up with the changing needs of our clients. We’re seeing exciting things happening in the technology community within British Columbia, with continued commitments of investor and government funding to small businesses as well as the development of new and interesting areas such as cryptocurrencies. As our clients grow and begin to conduct business across the Canadian border, we can help with the many challenges that will be encountered and develop strategies for success.

“Manning Elliott is a fantastic resource for many of our entrepreneurs, and I am very excited to see how we continue to grow and develop this partnership” – Sunny Hundle, Cofounder/VP Operations, The Profile

What made you decide to be a sponsor of The Profile?

Taking advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with our friends at The Profile was a no-brainer as it allows us to serve a common interest in assisting with the growth and development of early-stage technology entrepreneurs in the Lower Mainland.

What exciting things can we look forward to now that you are sponsor of The Profile?

During 2018, we’re looking forward to sharing our professional insights with members of The Profile through our bi-monthly office hours sessions, periodic lunch and learns on relevant hot topics, and getting to know everyone during some of The Profile’s social events.

What advice do you have for others doing business in Vancouver?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your professional advisors! We’re here to help you succeed and share our insights gathered through working with many individuals and organizations who have faced similar challenges.

How can people get involved with Manning Elliott?

Come chat with us when we’re onsite or reach out to Sunny and his team to put you in touch with us. You can also connect with our industry experts Fernando ( or Paul ( directly.

For more information on this partnership, to book the Manning Elliott Innovation Room for private meetings, or to reach out to Manning Elliott directly, contact:

Sunny Hundle, Cofounder/VP Operations, [email protected]

The Profile welcomes Harper Grey as Gold Sponsor

Local law firm Harper Grey has come on board with coworking office space provider The Profile to strengthen the ecosystem here in Vancouver and further afield.

In celebration of the launch of The Profile’s new downtown location, you can catch the Harper Grey team at 535 Thurlow and find out how they can help you and your business.

We spoke to Harper Grey’s Prentice Durbin, “Great to see everyone who attended our workshop yesterday. See you this afternoon at The Profile – a great spot to check-in and catch-up!”

Harper Grey’s involvement with helping businesses grow ties in with the ethos of The Profile. Prentice tells us, “We see a synergy between our entrepreneurial spirit and flexible approach and The Profile’s vision of providing entrepreneurs with the resources and community they need. We help entrepreneurs achieve their goals through creative and practical solutions.  It is a natural fit. We are delighted to support The Profile in bringing entrepreneurs together.”

Founder of The Profile, Kevin Penstock says, “Our ecosystem doesn’t exist without our sponsors, so they deserve a huge thank you, everyone is really excited to be involved and help big ideas become big business,” says Penstock.

Durbin adds, “We are a local firm with global reach, our clients often work internationally.”

The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow St, VSW2017 25th-29th Sept. Want to get in touch with Harper Grey directly? You can find out more information from the Harper Grey website. Want more from The Profile? If you like a bit of social media, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and add us on Instagram.

Meet our Gold Sponsor ModernAdvisor

Friends of The Profile, ModernAdvisor, have come on board with the coworking office space provider as Gold Sponsors.

ModernAdvisor provide their customers with investment management fintech, and to celebrate the opening of The Profile’s new downtown location they have a generous offer for members!

We spoke to Navid Boostani cofounder of ModernAdvisor, he tells us, “For ModernAdvisor, it all really started at The Profile. We have now grown to a team of almost 10 people, and help thousands of Canadians reach their financial goals. But to this day, my fondest memories are from the time we spent at The Profile building the product and pitching and demoing to investors.”

The Profile is a hub for like-minded entrepreneurial people and this week it is the headquarters for Vancouver Startup Week 2017. In a similar vein, Navid tells us, “For any entrepreneur, the first few months of a new venture can feel a bit lonely. It’s great to be able to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are all working hard on a new, exciting idea. Nothing gives you more energy than having a group of motivated individuals working around you.”

He adds, “What I liked the most about The Profile, aside from the great vibe and atmosphere, was the collaborative mindset of everyone. The ability to walk up to someone and get useful feedback on a design or product feature is invaluable. We did that all the time when we were at The Profile. A lot of good ideas came out of those sessions from our office coworkers.

“Now that we have grown to a more established company and have become one of Canada’s top fintech startups, I’d love to give back and support entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey. Being involved with The Profile is a great way for me to do that and support the tech startup ecosystem in Vancouver.”

Thank you, Navid, for your time! For those interested in a smart, simple way to manage your investments, you can sign up at with the promo code TheProfileFTW to get a $50 signup bonus. Not sure what your financial priorities should be or need help getting started? Book a free consultation with ModernAdvisor via their Hubspot link.

You can meet the teams from The Profile and ModernAdvisor by coming along to Social Happy Hours at The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow St, VSW2017 25th-29th Sept. Want more from The Profile? If you like a bit of social media, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and add us on Instagram.

Crowdfund your Profile membership!

True to their ethos of giving back and strengthening the ecosystem, coworking space providers, The Profile has launched a campaign to help you pay for office space and much more.

Having a membership at The Profile means having access to lounge workspace 24/7, joining in on member events, and having a unique address and mailbox at any of the three prestigious Vancouver locations.

Simply sign up using the online form and The Profile will give you a platform to start sharing your business story with people who believe in you. Launching your crowdfunding campaign through The Profile means that you will be connected to their network of investors and partners. And help is at hand! The Profile commits to helping you achieve your cash goal by spreading the word through their community.

Having already successfully launched a campaign through The Profile, we spoke to Jamie Smith founder of THRIVE Art Studio, who tells us, “Membership to The Profile will also give our artists access to their many workshops and events that can teach valuable business and networking skills. We want to start bridging this gap and with the help of you and The Profile we can start changing the (art)world one artist at a time!”

To support and add to this, Founder of SEO agency Kontakt Digital, Dewan Bayney says, “Having my membership sponsored by those who believe in me gives me the opportunity to develop long-term personal relationships and be part of the thriving tech community in Vancouver.”

Director of The Profile, Sunny Hundle adds, “We are really excited to be offering this opportunity to startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Having worn the shoes of a small business we understand how hard it is to find money for everything you need, this way by connecting people to our own network of investors and partners they will make great contacts, and it provides them with a platform to reach out to their friends and family to help them grow.”

Sign up for Crowdfund your Profile Membership campaign online. Also, why not come along to our next social at The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow St, VSW2017 25th-29th Sept. Want more from The Profile? If you like a bit of social media, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and add us on Instagram.

Expert DOJO LA Recruiting Founders Circles, Vancouver BC

Vancouver, BC Jan 15, 2017. Expert is excited to get started with the Expert Dojo Vancouver Founder’s Circle Thursday January 19 from 10 am to 5 pm at The Profile in Gastown at 375 Water Street.

Thursday will be focused on setting our goals for 2017 in a very specific way so that we have it broken down to daily action items to keep us on track.  The outline of the day is below, as are the list of the 5 companies joining us.

The objective of the Founder’s Circle is to build a bulletproof group of exceptional entrepreneurs with different skills who adopt the attitude of supporting each other no matter what.  This is the difference between doing it alone and having a powerful support network. We extend that support with the Expert Dojo community, with the goal of connecting and utilizing their resources and ultimately spending time at the Dojo, initially at the upcoming Investor Festival.

The plan is to have three full day Founder Circle sessions, one each month, leading up to the Investor Festival. Each Thursday between the all day sessions we will have open office hours from 10-12 for companies to meet in person or Skype/Hangout in for support and discussion. More of this during our session on Thursday.

I’m looking forward to building the best support group you’ve ever been involved with! Let’s make this epic!

Click here for more information