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Essential Virtual Address

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This is how it begins with your business identity! Get a great address, establish your business profile, then grow with us.

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Digital Mailbox

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100% digital. Download the APP and manage your mail anywhere, anytime!

Esssential + PLUS

Mail & Package Forwarding


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Essential Letter Mail and Package handling. Includes 2 forwards per month. Photos of envelopes and packages.  Immediate mail alerts.  Download the APP and manage your mail anywhere, anytime!


“I would recommend The Profile to anyone… it is hard to beat The Profile’s unbelievable location right in the heart of Gastown.”

Clio De La Llave

Founder Booje Media


“The Profile Coworking has been a great resource for me and my media business during its many stages of growth over the past five years. Their service offerings have been flexible and well suited to my business. Highly recommended.”

Gordie Bowles

Fresh Air Publishing


“Our company decided to get a Virtual Mailbox back in 2018 with The Profile North Vancouver as we didnt really need a full time office space. The Profile gives us all the services of a regular office without the huge overhead. It’s the best!”

Benjamin Besharah

Neish Network

“In 2014, when our 6-person graphic design studio transitioned to a virtual environment, we still required a downtown presence, where mail and deliveries could be received. The Profile stood out, head and shoulders above the other providers reviewed. Friendly, professional staff, great service. I wish we had made this move years earlier!”

Sheila Henriques

Outline Graphics Ltd.

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Virtual Business Address Packages and Bundles

What to expect when you sign up



Money-back Guarantee

Within the first 7 days, if you do not to publish or use our address in any way or complete your setup and authorization with us, you can request a full money-back refund. No questions asked.

What does the first invoice include?

When you register for a new subscription we prorate your initial billing period and invoice you for the remainder of the month. Then we set your next invoice to the first of the next month. Included in the intial invoice will be the refundable deposit, setup fee and taxes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major Credit Card payments for monthly subscriptions. For annual subscriptions or other terms greater than one month, we will accept cheques and interac payments.

How can I view my invoices and statements?

Included in your subscription is access to our customer billing portal. You can login anytime, review your invoices, payment methods and statements

How do I renew my subscription?

When you subscribe to our plans, you will agree that we will automatically renew your account each month or other period you choose, and your credit card will be automatically charged.

Do you accept COD orders?

Yes, we can accept COD shipments or parcels that require additional duties. However, you must ensure shipping fees and duties are covered by your deposit on hand with us prior to shipping. You must know in advance of COD shipments and contact us to discuss the deposits required.

Are there other fees or hidden charges?

For the main services in your plan, you will have one monthly fee with no hidden or extra fees. However we do provide additional services and fees for special mail requests such as extra and immediate mail forwarding. Extra over-limit handling of packages and mail. Please see our terms and conditions for all prices and fees.


Can we cancel our month-to-month subscription?

You can cancel anytime. Simply send us written notice via email to frontdesk@theprofile.ca

We understand there maybe change, so we will hang on to your unique address for one year in case you change your mind or change happens again and we will gladly provide you the same unique address.

What is your cancellation policy for annual subscriptions?

Our annual subscriptions come with discounts and promotions and are prepaid, so the cancelation period would end at the end of your annual subscription period. You can cancel anytime during that period, and we will continue to provide the mail handling services.  However, you must request that we stop mail handling if you require.  There is no money back any prorated amounts returned on canceled annual subscriptions. 

What the “final payment” in your cancellation policy mean?

If you cancel your subscription by providing written notice by email, within 5 days of your last paid invoice, you will not be required to pay the final invoice for the final period of service. 

If you cancel your subscription by sending us written notice any time after 5 days of your last paid invoice and the next invoice period, you will be required to pay the final invoice.  For example. If you cancelled on Dec 6th or anytime and up to Dec 31st, the next invoice on Jan 1st will be due and this will be your final invoice. Your services will continue, mail handling and forwarding, for one final month. Then your mail will be returned to sender. Your deposit will be returned.  If you cannot provide the final invoice payment, your deposit will be used to cure the final invoice amounts owned.


Our plans are carefully setup to provide a service that fits the activities of most companies based on our many years of experience and providing these services.  Similar to phone plans, there are limitations but our APP provides you additional services and features under your control. If your activities are more than your plan provides, we will help you find a solution that best fits your business.

Transparent Pricing and Fees

To Review our Transparent Pricing and Fees, please visit this page on a desktop or Tablet.

PLANS & CONDITIONSEssential Virtual AddressDigital MailboxEssential + PLUS
Subscription$45 mon$75 mon$95 mon
Setup Fee$15$15$15
Refundable Deposit$45$75$95
Mail Items ProcessedFirst 5 items free. Then Pay-as-you-Go30/mon30/mon
Additional Mail items$2$1$1
Envelope Photo (.jpg)free-Included
Letter Shredding requestfreefreefree
Mail Forwards/Month--bi-weekly included every 2nd Friday
Letter Forwarding. (stuffed envelope up to 200g)$7.90 on next forwarding date$7.90 on next forwarding dateincluded on next forwarding date
Expedited forwarding$15 same day$10 same day$10 same day
Int. letter forwardingPostage plus $15Postage plus $10Postage plus $10
GroupMail forward servicen/an/aIncluded
Additional forwarding addresses$5$5$5
Letter storage/Per itemn/a$1 after 90 daysn/a
Mail Open Digitizedn/a30 items /monn/a
Additional Items Scanned$5$1$2
Only letter items are scanned, no magazines. See terms and conditions for more details.
Parcel & Couriers
Package Forwardingshipping & $10 handlingshipping & $8 handlingshipping & $8 handling
Int. package forwardingshipping & $10 handlingshipping & $8 handlingshipping & $8 handling
Parcel Storage per lbs/kg$4/week after 5 days$2/week after 5 days$2/week after 5 days
Check Deposit Service
Check deposit individual request (up to 5 checks)$20$20$20
Check deposit Unlimited Monthly$80$80$80
Learn more about this optionCheck Deposits
Workflow & Automationn/acall for quotecall for quote
Additional routing rules
Custom Cloud Storage
Document Automation
Additional Services
Business License displayed/hanging/filed in Office$45 onetime payment$45 onetime payment$45 onetime payment

Money-back Guarantee