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Using our APP, you choose what mail you want scanned, shredded, or choose mail forwarding. We’ll forward your mail anywhere you like.

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Our staff collects Postal Mail delivered by Canada Post to our locations.

Sorting & Mail Handling

In our secure sorting facililities, our staff sorts, digitizes and manages mail handling requests

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Depending on your plan, we will send you an immediate email alert, a photo of your letter mail, or the digitized scanned content of your mail.

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Secure encrypted data and information.. 

How it Works Virtual Business Address


Similar to a common mailbox rental service or a mailbox to rent, we provide a modern version of the service. We provide 100% virtual services so you don’t have to pick up your mail in person, keep a key or run late and miss the hours of operations. Our staff provides the mailbox rental virtually. We handle the mail, either mail forwarding whether its across the street or mail forwarding within Canada or mail forwarding to the US or International. Our Virtual mailbox service is complete.

How it Works Virtual Business Address



  1. Our web responsive site works like an APP on any device.
  2. Mail alerts are sent to you by email
  3. Choose options on the APP to manage your mail

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How it Works Virtual Business Address


Got Question? We have answers


Can I open a new business with a Virtual Address?

You can use your Virtual business address to register your business with the Province of British Columbia, Canada and obtain a business license. 

How can I use a Virtual Address for my business?

You can publish your unique address on your website, social media, and other marketing materials and you can use your unique address for your business cards and other printed materials.

How do I format my Virtual Office Address?

You need to format your address as required by Canada Post. Line 2 of your address is reserved for your unique office or private mailbox number. You have the options to use the following for example if your unique mailbox number is 8XX8, options are; Office 8XX8, or Unit 8XX8, #8XX8, PM# 8XX8 or Private Mailbox #8XX8.  Please do not use the words P.O. Box or Suite in your address as the use of these words will cause confusion with Canada Post’s own postal box system and could delay mail delivery.

Can I get a business license and permit with a Virtual Address?

We are authorized and permitted under our commercial lease to use the space and allow our tenants to use the space for a particular use as per our application which is general Office use.  Your business is allowed to conduct business here without a separate business license. However, if you conduct business in Vancouver, you as a virtual member or tenant are still required to have a business permit. You can do this using your virtual office address with your unique office number.

Can I use a Virtual Office Address for Google My Business?

Yes! You can use your virtual office address with your unique office number for Google My Business.

See our blog for more information about how to claim your GMB account and how to manage your GMB account

Can I register a company with a PO Box address?

The general rule is that you cannot use a PO Box as a company’s registered office. … This implies that within a physical address there is a physical Post Office Box service provider that can accept mail on behalf of the company.

Can you register a business at a residential address?

Using a home address as a business address can create privacy and security concerns for business owners. When a business is registered as an LLC or corporation, it’s required to designate a registered agent. … If the home address is the registered agent address, a summons will be served at the entrepreneur’s house.

Is it good to have a Virtual Office Business Address?

virtual office business address provides continuity for your business’ physical location, and that offers a more professional and trustworthy demeanor for you and your business.

[link to blog articles]

How can I use a Virtual Office

According to Wikipedia

A Virtual office is a service that provides a physical business address and the opportunity to work from anywhere. You can have a professional business address without the overhead of a traditional office space. You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. You can use a virtual office service to reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for commuting or business travel.


How long does it take for me to start using the address?

You can use the address immediately after providing identification and confirming your forwarding address. Your new unique address is provided and some basic instructions and answers about the service and you are ready to proceed.

Why do you need my ID?

We need ID to verify the legitimacy of our members and to provide security for our business to monitor valid business usage of our address that is published on our members websites.  Thank you for understanding.

How do I know when I have new mail?

We will notify you via email that same day it was received. If you don’t hear from us, you have no mail at the moment.

Can I pickup my mail?

Our services are 100% virtual and do not provide the option to “Pickup mail in person”. Our mail team either digitized your mail or forwards the physical letter mail to you wherever you are in the world. 

Can I have more than one company on my account?

Yes.  Your mail plan subscription will be registered and billed to one company; however one company can have up to 3 Attention to: names under the company. Or c/o names, but you must register these names with us as well to help us sort your mail efficiently

Can we receive Parcels and Packages with our Virtual address subscription?

Yes, you can.  Please refer to your terms and conditions for limitations on dimensions.

Why would I use Parcel and Package services with my Virtual address?

The service is useful if you are in a situation where the supplier can only ship to a Canadian address. You can have your parcels and packages shipped to us and we’ll forward the packages to you wherever you are in the world.  Prior to forwarding, we would source the new shipping company and costs and provide you the cost plus estimates.

Is there a limit to the parcel size?

Yes, we cannot accept any parcels larger than (12in x 12in square or less) and/or heavier than 20Kg


What does the first invoice include?

When you register for a new subscription we prorate your initial billing period and invoice you for the remainder of the month. Then we set your next invoice to the first of the next month. Included in the initial invoice will be the refundable deposit and taxes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major Credit Card payments for monthly subscriptions. For annual subscriptions or other terms greater than one month, we will accept cheques and interac payments.

How can I view my invoices and statements?

Included in your subscription is access to our customer billing portal. You can login anytime, review your invoices, payment methods and statements

How do I renew my subscription?

When you subscribe to our plans, you will agree that we will automatically renew your account each month or other period you choose, and your credit card will be automatically charged.

Do you accept COD orders?

Yes, we can accept COD shipments or parcels that require additional duties. However, you must ensure shipping fees and duties are covered by your deposit on hand with us prior to shipping. You must know in advance of COD shipments and contact us to discuss the deposits required.

Are there other fees or hidden charges?

For the main services in your plan, you will have one monthly fee with no hidden or extra fees. However we do provide additional services and fees for special mail requests such as extra and immediate mail forwarding. Extra over-limit handling of packages and mail. Please see our terms and conditions for all prices and fees.

Do you collect a Deposit?

Yes.  There is a one-time $50 deposit at the time of a new registration. We hold this deposit for two purposes.  If you require an immediate service of mail forwarding, or some postage pre-paid situation, we can use this deposit immediately without having to delay your requested service. The second purpose is upon cancellation of your subscription, we can use this deposit as your last months payment. If you make your last months payment, then this $50 deposit is fully refundable.

How does Mail Forwarding work?

Depending on your plan, we can forward your letter mail and small packages to you almost anywhere in the World.  With our Essential Plus plan, we provide mail forwarding in Canada every other week.  Please refer to our size and volume limitations. Please ask for a qoute for mail forwarding outside of Canada.


Can we cancel our month-to-month subscription?

You can cancel anytime. Simply send us written notice via email to frontdesk@theprofile.ca

We understand there maybe change, so we will hang on to your unique address for one year in case you change your mind or change happens again and we will gladly provide you the same unique address.

What is your cancellation policy for annual subscriptions?

Our annual subscriptions come with discounts and promotions and are prepaid, so the cancelation period would end at the end of your annual subscription period. You can cancel anytime during that period, and we will continue to provide the mail handling services.  However, you must request that we stop mail handling if you require.  There is no money back any prorated amounts returned on canceled annual subscriptions. 

What the “final payment” in your cancellation policy mean?

If you cancel your subscription by providing written notice by email, within 5 days of your last paid invoice, you will not be required to pay the final invoice for the final period of service. 

If you cancel your subscription by sending us written notice any time after 5 days of your last paid invoice and the next invoice period, you will be required to pay the final invoice.  For example. If you cancelled on Dec 6th or anytime and up to Dec 31st, the next invoice on Jan 1st will be due and this will be your final invoice. Your services will continue, mail handling and forwarding, for one final month. Then your mail will be returned to sender. Your deposit will be returned.  If you cannot provide the final invoice payment, your deposit will be used to cure the final invoice amounts owned.

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