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Established 2009. We are pioneers and industry-leaders in the Coworking Space, Flex WorkSpace, Virtual Office, Virtual Services and  Coworking Community Building.  Our company values honesty, integrity, and efficiency. Providing quality services and caring for our Members is what makes us stand out.

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Our Vision!

The future of work is here.  Just as society shifted from the industrial age to the information age, we are shifting to the age of the sharing economy.  We share cars, we share places to stay, and we share where we work.  It’s because we care about the planet.  We believe that people work better when they’re around other people. We believe that space matters. We believe that standing together is better than standing alone.

September 2009

Kevin Penstock, founder

Our Commitment

The Future of Work has changed and so will the future of company building. — defined by geographic diversity, distributed work-hubs, and virtualization of the physical world and the greater need and demand to  go digital. 

‍THE PROFILE is helping businesses everywhere and all size to continue with the digitization era. Starting with part of the back office, we’re on a mission to digitize the business addresses and mail, and reduce operational complexity so running a busines can progress with the future.

We are committed to continuing to be the Best Coworking Spaces in Vancouver.

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Coworking Community building in Gastown

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