Our Vision!

The future of work is here.  Just as society shifted from the industrial age to the information age, we are shifting to the age of the sharing economy.  We share cars, we share places to stay, and we share where we work.  It’s because we care about the planet.  We believe that people work better when they’re around other people. We believe that space matters. We believe that standing together is better than standing alone.

Loved by awesome people like you.

The Profile makes things happen! We take awesome entrepreneurs and give them the amazing space and resources that they need.  More than just office space, our coworking environment is a real community built for those that want work and fun in their lives.  Still not convinced? Check out what this member has to say:

“If it wasn’t for The Profile, my business would still be an idea.  The great people I cowork with give me the encouragement that I need to build something better each and every day.”

– The Profile Member

What we can do for you

Our Vision

The Profile will change how amazing people like you build and grow ideas, find fulfilment, and interact. Unique architecture, members-only events, and a growing community drive our innovation.

Our Core Values

  • Entrepreneurs and their ideas
  • Work-life balance
  • Architecture that builds community and growth

Our Inspiration

  • Space matters. That’s why The Profile is all about architecture and spaces designed to inspire people to work, to connect, and to drive their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • People matter. We believe in people who crave inspiration, knowledge and collaboration. The Profile is for people that are driven to invest in relationships, new ideas, and to kick start initiatives.

Our Passion

  • We are committed to helping our entrepreneurs achieve work-life balance. Through our amazing space, great events, and sense of community, we work hard to help our members balance their business and personal lives.

The Profile Events

Our business club hosts a calendar of awesome, stylish, urban business events and activities exclusively for our members and their guests. After all, nobody wants all work and no play.

The Profile is all about a fun environment and culture that brings people together that want to share ideas and encouragement, without losing work-life balance. Our community is driven by:

  • Collaboration
  • Great member events
  • Positive energy and idea sharing

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