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Say goodbye to Bank Queues

Who knew depositing checks would be a headache with the transformation of the workforce working from home and the remote hybrid office.  Yes, people are still mailing checks. Who in your team must leave their home office, drive to the bank, and stand in line, once a week, maybe more, and deposit one check?

That can be us!

You have a Virtual Mailbox with us. We receive your checks from Canada Post.

We can deposit them as well.

What is it?

Check Deposit Service is a simple and convenient way to deposit checks you receive in your Virtual Mail account.

How does it work?

When you receive a check in your mailbox with us, you can request to have it deposited into your bank account. Your request is processed, and your check is deposited in your bank within one business day.

What are the benefits?

Convenient: Submit a deposit request online in minutes and save yourself from going to the bank.

Easy to Use: Simple check depositing. No complicated setup processes. Use your existing bank accounts.

Fast: Your request is processed and the check is deposited to your bank within 1 business day.

Cost-Effective: No minimum commitments, expensive monthly fees, or setup costs. Pay only for the deposits you make. Deposit multiple checks together for even greater savings.

Deposit to almost any Bank: Check with us that your bank is in Vancouver.

Who is using this service?

Companies who are working from home or have implemented a hybrid work strategy.  Companies who are utilizing the services of a Virtual Assistant. Companies who understand the benefits of outsourcing.

What are the prices and fees?

Depending on your Subscription Plan, you can request up to 5 checks deposited next-day on request from $20.

Or for unlimited checks deposited upon us receiving them in your mailbox, from $80/mon.

All our prices and fees are published on our Plans & Prices page for your reference. 

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