How Coworking Communities Can Help You During COVID-19

How Coworking Communities Can Help You During COVID-19

Many of us are hunkering down in our homes and obeying Dr. Henry’s stay-at-home orders while fantasizing about the good old days of attending sporting events and meeting up at a coffee shop with friends. We continue to optimize our perfect ‘home office’, until we realize that we miss our social spaces, including coworking spaces. 

Just as all co-living and co-sharing spaces are affected; coworking spaces, including The Profile, have been hit hard. While we carry on in utmost confidence that once this is under control our spaces will be a safe haven for those looking to be more productive out of the house. 

Coworking/flexible offices will also be a saving grace for many companies looking to relieve themselves from their own long term lease. We are committed to creating and adopting a new era of coworking once some of the pressure is relieved, and we look forward to sharing this new model with you in the next few months. 

Until that time, Coworking spaces can STILL provide benefits for members and prospective clients alike.

While going into the office has changed, business has not. Yes, you can use your home office, but you still need a business licence tied with a business address. At The Profile Coworking in Lonsdale, you can get set up with a virtual address tied together with your company business licence. 

While The Profile Coworking North Vancouver has adapted by providing mail forwarding to the homes of all of our members, we look forward to launching our new virtual office plans with a focus on the new normal of safety and convenience. 

Coworking North Vancouver gives you a sense of community

We have all been through a lot over the last weeks. Business culture has changed, employees are working from home; and all of this is wrapped up in a lot of uncertainty. Coworking spaces offer the chance to be part of a community all going through and solving problems together. Here are a just a few ways our community is contributing:

  • Manning Elliott

Our Community sponsors have been an integral source for us to share the constantly changing news.

As sponsors, they have also contributed some of their funds to helping out members in need of assistance. We will post more on this great contribution soon! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

  • North Vancouver Chamber Weekly Webinars

Our local chamber in Lower Lonsdale has provided webinars on lease protocols, and various government protocols that we can pass on to our members. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates.

  • Within People

Members of our North Vancouver location, Laurie Bennett and his global Within People team felt it was important to start to examine what makes leaders stepping up in this coronavirus era different – and what they are doing practically to emerge stronger from today into a business they proudly continue to grow. On Wednesday, May 13th, The Profile members are invited to join their online webinars to learn more. Get in touch with us directly if you would like to take part. 

  • Downtown Vancouver BIA

A constantly forward thinking group that is looking at ways our community can expand and be stronger in spite of the current environment. Actively hosting webinars, promoting local businesses, and sharing a tonne of information. We will dive more into this relationship in the coming months. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and get updates on all their amazing initiatives happening in and around Vancouver.

  • Feed Me Fit

Our favorite plant based meal delivery program based out of the North Shore is offering the community a bunch of different savings right now such as:

  • Join their Community Support Bundle that includes 5 (freezer friendly) soups/stews for $25. The proceeds of this bundle are helping them feed and support families in need. 
  • 20% off marked items on their website (which makes some meals only $10.40!)
  • They opened up their delivery area to the whole Lower Mainland and waived all delivery fees, as well as ensuring no contact deliveries.
  • They have also added 6 different Grocery Boxes that include fruits, veggies, baking ingredients, rice, milk, etc. at cost.

For more information on how to sign up for the Feed Me Fit program contact us or order here. You can also give them a follow on Facebook to stay up to date on all their current news and contests.

  • Jamie Smith Artistry

One of our amazing members, Jamie Smith, is an artist and owner of THRIVE Art Studio who has created free colouring sheets for you and your family to enjoy!

  • Volition Virtual Pitch Event Canada 

Our long time event partners has not slowed down their commitment to entrepreneurs and will be hosting their first Virtual Pitch Event Canada on Wednesday, May 13th from 1:00PM – 3:00PM PT. They will be connecting with startups and entrepreneurs from different Canadian provinces.

Volition will be accepting applications until Wednesday, May 6th from all across Canada and will strive for geographic diversity. You can also follow Volition on Twitter.

To continue to stay up to date with our community and everything else going on at The Profile, follow us on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Kevin Penstock
Kevin is the founder of The Profile, a Coworking Business Club. His role is leadership, visionary, seeker of cool spaces and he loves technology. Kevin is watching how the office share industry (Coworking) is rapidly expanding around the world and is committed to being a part of social innovation and the change of how people will work in the future.

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