Step 2.

Let us manage your Virtual Mailbox in Vancouver and couriers for you. Keep your focus on your new business!


Not a shared address. Not a PO box, but your own specific office number with a street address. We specifically set this up with Canada Post and Google Places to provide you with a unique Virtual Mailbox Vancouver BC for top google places ranking.


When new mail arrives, we immediately send you an email notification. With our mail scanning service, you can also view your mail from your own personal, secure mail folder. With our various levels of service, you can choose envelope scanning or complete document scanning and management.


Don’t miss a courier ever again. Our frontdesk is open office hours to receive your small packages and priority documents.  Send and recieve. We’ll be here for you.


If you’re abroad. Setup a Canadian address in minutes. Vancouver is one of the most internationally diverse cities in the world. We are currently servicing clients from 17 different countries on five different continents..


What on earth is a social mailbox? Well, at The Profile, you have the option to have a physical mailbox in our cafe.  Upon a mail alert, drop in, collect your mail. Have a coffee on us. Join a lunch-n-learn in the cafe mail room. Meet others, network, hang out..
That’s a social mailbox.


How can we help you? We provide custom mail handling and document management such as check deposits or  document processing. Give us a call, let’s see how our team can help you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Very few actually!

We asked you. You told us. We listened.

  • Call us, or email us and we will cancel the Same-Day
  • No final payment. No questions asked. No Problem.

Why? Because you told us that things change.  Today you needed our services, tomorrow you don’t. For whatever reason, we don’t need to ask and you don’t need to tell.

What happens when we cancel?

  1. You need to go to Canada Post and submit a mail forwarding service
  2. Please notify your vendors, customers and contacts that your mailing address has changed
  3. Please remove any publication of our address on the web. All places where you have published our address including your email signatures.

Is saying goodbye forever?

  • Definitely not. In fact, we will keep your unique office number aside for up to a year. We won’t give it to anyone else just in case things change and you come back.  We’ll still have your unique mailbox number.
  • If we don’t hear from you after about a year. Your number may get put back on the availability list and someone may choose it, or maybe not.
  • We hope to hear from you again some day

What are the other terms?

  • Upon cancellation? We will hold your mail in our office for you to pick up after 60 days.
  • After 60 days? We will send your mail back to Canada Post as “Return to Sender”
  • What if we get mail within this 60 days and want this mail forwarded? No problem, we’ll get a quote from Canada Post for the postage amount plus our handling fee of $5 and send you an invoice. Upon payment, we will continue to forward your mail
  • What if small packages continue to arrive within this 60 days? Please let your senders know you have changed your address, otherwise we’ll get a quote from Canada Post Xpress for the courier postage amount plus our handling fee of $10 and send you an invoice. Upon payment, we will forward your package.

Can I use this address to register for a business license?

Yes! You can use your new mailing address for business registration and to apply for a business license.

Here are some useful links for you.

If you have any other questions regarding this please let us know.

What additional costs are there for a virtual address?

For your virtual address subscription, additional costs could incur for additional mail handling services that you may require. You can request mail forwarded to a different address. You can request send mail by courier. Please call our mail room at 604-637-9725 for specific information regarding additional costs.

Tell me again about the Social Mailbox?

Thanks for asking again.  Your virtual mail address can be hosted in any of our three locations in Gastown, Downtown or North Vancouver.  However, in our 535 Thurlow and 120 Lonsdale locations, we have your physical mailbox in our business club cafe so we can get a change to meet you.  If you sign up to our news letter and slack, we’ll let you know when we are hosting lunch-and-learns, barista lessons, and other social events in the cafe. The next time you come in to check your mail, sit and relax, have a coffee or an espresso and hang out, get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you. That’s our Social Mailbox!

Still have questions?

Drop us a line at 604-637-9725 to talk directly to our mail room team, or click the chat button on our site to talk to someone immediately.  We love answering questions.