Q. What can I do with my new address?

A: You can use your unique address to register your business with the Province or Canada
A: You can use your unique address on your website, social media, and other marketing materials.
A: You can use your unique address for your business cards and other print materials.
A: You can also use your unique address to get a business license

Q: How long does it take for me to start using the address?

A:You can use the address immediately after signing up to a plan. Click here to see our plans.

Q: How do I know when I have new mail?

A: We will notify you via email that same day it was received. If you don’t hear from us, you have no mail at the moment.

Q: When can I pickup my mail?

A: Our mail and package pickup hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, excluding any statutory holidays.  Please watch for pickup change of notices and updates for your location or for Covid policies.

Q: Do I get a key for my mailbox?

A: No, there is on need for keys. Our staff sorts and manages your mail in our private and secure mail room. Our staff will release your mail once we have identified the person picking up the mail.

Q: Can anyone pick up my mail?

A: No, only pre-authorized people listed on your account can pick up the mail.

Q: What options do I have if I cannot pickup my mail?

A: We have mail plans and additional services such as digitizing mail or envelope scanning and mail forwarding to your address anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I have more than one company on my account?

A: Yes and No.  Your mail plan subscription will be registered and billed to one company,however one company can have up to 3Attention to: names under the company. Or c/o names, but you must register these names with us as well to help us sort your mail efficiently

Q: How do I renew my subscription?

A: When you subscribe to our plans, you will agree that we will automatically renew your account each month or other period you choose,and your credit card will be automatically charged.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We only accept major Credit Card payments for monthly subscriptions. For annual subscriptions or other terms greater than one month, we will accept cheques and interac payments

Q: Is there a limit to the parcel size?

A: Yes, we cannot accept any parcels larger than (12in x 12insquare or less) and/or heavier than 20Kg

Q: Do you accept COD orders?

A: No, we cannot accept COD shipments or parcels that require additional duties. You must ensure shipping fees and duties are covered prior to shipping

Q. Are there other fees or hidden charges

A: For the main services in your plan, you will have one monthly fee with no hidden or extra fees. However we do provide additional services and fees for special mail requests such as extra and immediate mail forwarding. Extra over-limit handling of packages and mail. Please see our terms and conditions for all prices and fees.

Q: What is your cancelation policy?

A: You can cancel anytime, keep in mind we do not release mail without an active subscription so you will need to pick up all mail before the end of your term.

A: We understand there maybe change, so we will hang on to your unique address for one year in case you change your mind or change happens again and we will gladly provide you the same unique address.