The Profile Vancouver Launches New App for Members

We are thrilled to announce the release of our Mobile and Web Member App for The Profile Vancouver members.

Since our inception, we have tried to find a way to provide members a complete experience. While we have dabbled in MANY meeting rooms and communication apps, we were frustrated that while functional, the members’ experience was limited.

During these new challenging times in 2020, we wanted to take a step closer to achieve our vision and provide an efficient and reliable channel for our membership base. Our hope is that our new app allows our members a reliable focal point to meet their needs and to help redefine the future of work.

Below, we’ll show you a quick summary of what to expect in the new Profile app.

A digital concierge at your convenience

Our members will be welcomed by a delightfully branded screen in web and mobile, which offers quick access to the most important actions and up-to-date news from The Profile and our community.

Several things we focused on:

  • Quick actions that help members with their most common needs in the apps
  • List of upcoming bookings and events at The Profile
  • An easy way to navigate between our 3 locations; Lonsdale, Downtown & Gastown
  • A one stop spot to access billing as well as team and location information 
  • An online store to buy a variety of items such as day passes for our members guests, stand-up desk upgrades, and even coffee shop purchases from our cafe. 

A smooth booking experience

Booking meeting rooms is probably the most common need of members in a flexible workspace. That’s why we’ve focused extensively on making it as fast and convenient as possible, so our members can easily do it by themselves.

  • A nice visual presentation of our meeting rooms, complemented by a capacity and price indicator
  • Easily accessible filter that allows members to filter by their desired time, room size, amenities, and more
  • Intuitive booking, editing, and cancelation flow that enables members to manage their bookings easily on the go
  • My Bookings tab that lists all our upcoming bookings and allows easy access to edit or cancel functions
  • A simple booking history screen that shows your past bookings

Your workspace ecosystem is just a click away

The office tab is the place that combines all functionalities related to The Profile ecosystem in your facilities. It provides our members with easy access to:

  • What is the best way to get in touch with us when in need and your how-to guides
  • The list of benefits/promotions that we’ve made available for our community
  • The companies and members of our community that decided to make themselves visible to the public
  • The upcoming and past events we’ve organized with extensive details for each of them
  • Maintenance issues section where they can submit tickets and feedback

The convenience of easily accessing your account and billing

We created this app to have a central place for our members to manage their account-related info. Includes easy access to invoices and editing basic profile information and privacy settings.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we’ve held the belief that technology will provide a gateway to get back to work safer and sooner. From Zoom/Google Meets/Facetime calls, to contact tracing; our new realities depend on the technology in our lives. 

We at The Profile are excited to offer this new platform for our existing members and hopeful that new members will feel more confident getting back to work sooner with technology leading the way. 

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