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The Profile Member Spotlight Series: Ehsan Daneshi of CannSight Technologies Inc.

Kicking off our August monthly Community Spotlight is long time members, and the newest addition to the Profile Labs division, CannSight Technologies Inc. CannSight Technologies is based out of our Downtown Profile location, and have grown exponentially as they inch closer to advancing their lofty goals.

CannSight is a medical device company with two offices in Vancouver and Toronto that is developing the most advanced technology in the world for detecting impairment from alcohol and drugs at workplaces and roadside.

We sat down with Ehsan Daneshi, Co-Founder at CannSight Technologies Inc. to get a glimpse into this inspiring company.

The Profile (TP): Tell us a little bit about your company

CannSight (CS): CannSight is the leader in developing impairment detection technologies for workplaces and roadside. Physical or mental impairment in the workplace can create a significant risk of injury and death to the impaired worker, co-workers, and members of the public. CannSight Technologies Inc. is developing patented and non-invasive technology for the detection of impairment caused by the use of cannabis, alcohol and other drugs.

TP: What is something most exciting that your organization is currently working on?

CS: A collaborative effort for advancing and validating the technology with the help of partner organizations to achieve the same goal of keeping people safe.

Cannsight’s mission is combining “gold standard” Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) testing science with state of the art sensor technology and proprietary AI for quick and accurate impairment decisions where they are needed most – at the roadside, in police stations, and at workplaces. 

TP: What has been your most memorable or rewarding experience for your organization thus far?

CS: Nothing has been more encouraging for us than the time when we talk with ordinary people and they ask us to bring our technology to the market sooner as they are concerned about the safety of their loved ones. It’s a big motivation for us every day!

As CannSight has informed us, 65% of on the job accidents are related to the abuse of drugs and alcohol and 16% of all motor vehicle crashes involve drugs. Seeing a team first hand try to combat this and lower these numbers through AI and technology has been quite rewarding. 

TP: Why did you join The Profile Coworking Club?

CS: To expand our business network and get mentorship from seasoned advisors. 

CannSight has recently joined the Profile Labs division where we will receive priority office pricing along with access to a great array of advisors close to The Profile. 

In their hunt to expand and grow their company, Cannsight learned of The Profile Labs division which is a combination of investment, office space, and advisory services. After being with The Profile since 2018, it seemed like a perfect match for the next steps of their growth.

If you’re looking to learn more about CannSight Technologies, or the Profile Labs division please reach out to our Co-Founder and COO, Sunny Hundle.

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