#RaisingTheProfile: Vote Green Chair Recycling for BC’s Best Community Impact award

Keeping the areas clean in our lovely coworking spaces is a challenge in itself, but imagine what it takes to clean up after city-wide events while recycling as much waste along the way. Fuelled by people power (the cleanest energy there is!) #ProfileMember Green Chair Recycling has rocketed themselves into the press and into the local business awards.


You can help support this awesome social enterprise, by voting Green Chair Recycling for the Small Business BC Awards’ Best Community Impact.

We caught up with the founder of Green Chair Recycling Liliana Segal (pictured left), who can be found hotdesking at our Gastown location.

TeamProfile: What have been some of your biggest successes to date? 
Liliana Segal: We’ve had so many different kinds of successes it’s hard to pick one! At a few events, we have actually achieved 100% diversion which is always exciting. We have to thank the event organizers as they worked with us to ensure vendors followed our recommendations to make this happen. Cooperation is so important in our field. We love educating people about what they can recycle and how to avoid things you can’t. Every time a volunteer, outreach student or event goer says “I didn’t know I could recycle that!” we consider it a great success too! It takes everyone making changes to make the big change and we value all changes big and small.

Take a (small) breather and surround yourself with positive people and get back at it. We’ve got a world to change!

Green-Chair-Recycling-volunteersTP: What advice do you have for others in Vancouver’s social enterprise sphere? 
LS: Just keep at it.  It can be difficult at times to stay motivated; doors close and money can be lost but it’s not over! Always remember your mission and why you started doing your great work in the first place. Take a (small) breather and surround yourself with positive people and get back at it. We’ve got a world to change!

TP: How can people get involved with Green Chair and your mission? 
LS: Lots of ways! We always enjoy having new (and old) volunteers join us at events. Volunteers bring a great energy and it really adds to our fire. We post event opportunities and when we’re out in the community doing shoreline cleanups or similar events on our website and Facebook page so everyone is invited to follow along. But the most important thing anyone can do to get involved with our mission is to care for the environment! Educate yourself on where our materials come from and where they go. Refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle whenever you can and show people a zero waste (or minimal waste) lifestyle is possible!

We’re always learning and always growing

Green-Chair-Recycling-volunteers-2TP: What’s next for Green Chair Recycling? 
LS: Well we’re really crossing our fingers for this award! After that we’re doing a bit of restructuring based on what we’ve learned through experience and some business classes; we’re always learning and always growing. We’re going to up our social media presence and become a source of information about recycling and our environmental impact for everyone, not just those who deal with us directly such as event organizers and schools we’re delivering outreach to. We want to expand our reach to everyone!

You heard! Vote for Green Chair Recycling now and help them on their crusade to keep Vancouver green by following them on the socials, on Twitter and on Facebook  where you can hear more about their time at The Profile! Alternatively, book a tour on The Profile website, and come by The Profile Gastown, 375 Water St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6. To keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan

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