Raising the profile: Build your own city with Mythical City Games’ new VR game, Skytropolis

Here at coworking and office space provider, The Profile, we talk commuter’s hell, the race to grab space, and the high-rising costs of skyscrapers. If you’re like us and have always wanted to put in your two cents about the design of Downtown, you can now put your money where your mouth is! Vancouver-based Mythical City Games has launched Skytropolis, a Virtual Reality (VR) vertical city building game where you create a mega skyscraper that contains an entire city inside of it.

The-Profile-Gastown-member-Jedrzej Jonasz-founder-Mythical-City-Games

Mythical City Games is a game development studio with a focus on intuitive and immersive VR design. Their new VR game that was created at The Profile Gastown this year has just launched on Steam and speaks to all Vancouver’s design dreamers and those city-centric.

We caught up with ProfileMember Jedrzej Jonasz (pictured left), founder of Mythical City Games, at our own Gastown location.

“[Vancouver] is the best place in the world to run a VR or AR startup”

Jonasz tells us,”Vancouver has an amazing indie game scene where the community helps to support studios and developers of all sizes. The VR and AR community has also grown over the past year to be one of the leaders in these industries and is the best place in the world to run a VR or AR startup.”

For those who want to know how to find TeamMythicalCityGames, they are in the room right beside the Express meeting room. Stop by and say hi, and try it out!

Have a go at playing God

Skytropolis-Screenshot02Want to know how to play? Here’s the story so far – You have secured a contract to build the world’s first vertical megacity. Start with a plot of land in the center of your city and build upwards into the sky, designing your ideal Skytropolis tower. Decide everything from the architectural design to every part of the interior. Do you maximize profit and use up resources from the surrounding city? Or balance sustainability by providing eco-friendly interiors and your own power generation. Be warned, the higher you build the more complex the city’s needs become. [TeamProfile: We think coworking spaces are an excellent solution to this problem!]

Skytropolis-ScreenshotThe Profile has seen past successes from Mythical City Games including when their first VR game Snow Fortress was selected by HTC to be one of their official demo games at all Microsoft and Gamestop stores across North America. So we can all look forward to their future works! Jonasz adds, “We are currently in development on new VR titles, such as our upcoming WW2 strategy game “Battle Fleet: Ground Assault” and the release of our game “Snow Fortress” on Sony’s PSVR platform.”

You can get the game with a 15% discount here: Skytropolis, or connect with Mythical City Games and hear more about their time at The Profile! Alternatively, book a tour on The Profile website, and come by The Profile Gastown, 375 Water St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6. To keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan

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