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535 Thurlow St, #100-A
2,160 sf, up to 25 Person Office, open space
Ground Floor, No elevators

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535 Thurlow St, #300 – A
1,100 sf. Stand Alone Office
18-25 person office

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535 Thurlow St, #306 – A
562 sf. Stand Alone Office
with Kitchen
11 desk office office

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535 Thurlow St, #306 – B
1,808 sf. Stand Alone Office
7 Private offices attached, Kitchen
And open space


We provide the best of a combination of Flex office, Packaged turn-key solutions, Coworking small offices, no matter what the term, we can provide a combination that serves you best.  Monthly, weekly or Yearly.

How The Profile Works

Flex terms

No Lease or long term obligations


All inclusive, move-in ready private Work Spaces.  Pick from 3 decor and furniture styles. WiFi, amenities, all included.

Work from Anywhere

Choice.  All access to all our flex/coworking offices, WFH, overflow. Grow or reduce your space anytime.

Technology enabled

Today’s post-covid offices require technology. The Profile provides a WFH, flex office strategy tailored for your team. An App with features such as Keyless entry with your mobile phone, scheduling, capacity monitoring, wifi check in, COVID check lists and adherence processes. Includes Support.

device and app

Our 3 Property types & Locations

(a hub and spoke model)


Neighborhood Coworking Spaces

– stepping stones to your downtown office spaces, small offices and safe community workspace near your homes. One stop before your stand alone office. Begin your work day close to home before you head downtown. Beat the commute problem.

Central WorkSpace Hubs

– Our main larger facilities loaded with options and amenities, with bike rooms, spacious lounge areas, multiple meeting rooms and spaces, also include stand alone private offices, small offices within our space, safe community workspace by the day, hour or longer terms.  Available spaces anytime to expand your team, a space to use temporarily, a space to connect, a space for networking and business development.  Located in city centers. Along transit corridors. The Hubs to our spokes.

Stand Alone Properties

– our larger 3000 sf and up, standalone properties are provided to us by our property owner partners. We take over these spaces, furnish and read them as turn-key private office spaces.

The Profile Experience


The Location of our properties are strategic

Our properties and workspace locations are strategic. Not just random locations. We are not a listing site … reselling or sub letting a sub let office space.  There is logic behind our solutions.

Companies and teams choose our solutions for a reason.

We are addressing not only where you work, but how you will get to work.

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