Meeting Room Rental – Downtown Vancouver | 535 Thurlow Street

The Profile offers a variety of meeting rooms to suit your needs. 3 locations, and 11 meeting rooms in total allow gatherings of all sizes.

Meeting rooms

Manning Elliott Innovation Room

Manning Elliot RoomPerfect for small meetings, interviews

Includes: whiteboard, Tv, Wifi

Seating: 6 people
Rate: $50/hour

Workshops, Classrooms

CSE Entrepreneur’s Room

The Profile CSE

Perfect for small meetings, interviews

Includes: Whiteboard, TV, Wifi

Seating: 6
Rate: $50/hour

Workshops, Classrooms

Downtown Board Room

Perfect for workshops, larger meetings, interviews

Includes: Whiteboard, Digital TV, Wifi

Seating: 10
Rate: $100/hour


  1. Do you need to be a member to book a meeting room?

No, you do not. Simply email us at: [email protected] to inquire about our availability. Weekdays only 9:00am – 6:30pm. Meeting rooms can be booked by the hour or day.


  1. What is included in the meeting room?

Depends on the meeting room. Above we have listed what is included in each meeting room to fit your needs.


  1. Do you offer catering?

We can provide you a catering menu specialty of ‘The Butler Did It Catering Company’. They are reliable and offer a wide range of delicious options for your meeting. Please request the menu with us. 


  1. How do we secure a meeting room?

We need the payment made prior to the meeting. This will reserve the meeting room for you. We will email you the invoice where you can make the payment online via CC or you can bring in a cheque before the meeting. The reservation is not confirmed until we have the payment settled up.