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Meet our Gold Sponsor ModernAdvisor

Friends of The Profile, ModernAdvisor, have come on board with the coworking office space provider as Gold Sponsors.

ModernAdvisor provide their customers with investment management fintech, and to celebrate the opening of The Profile’s new downtown location they have a generous offer for members!

We spoke to Navid Boostani cofounder of ModernAdvisor, he tells us, “For ModernAdvisor, it all really started at The Profile. We have now grown to a team of almost 10 people, and help thousands of Canadians reach their financial goals. But to this day, my fondest memories are from the time we spent at The Profile building the product and pitching and demoing to investors.”

The Profile is a hub for like-minded entrepreneurial people and this week it is the headquarters for Vancouver Startup Week 2017. In a similar vein, Navid tells us, “For any entrepreneur, the first few months of a new venture can feel a bit lonely. It’s great to be able to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are all working hard on a new, exciting idea. Nothing gives you more energy than having a group of motivated individuals working around you.”

He adds, “What I liked the most about The Profile, aside from the great vibe and atmosphere, was the collaborative mindset of everyone. The ability to walk up to someone and get useful feedback on a design or product feature is invaluable. We did that all the time when we were at The Profile. A lot of good ideas came out of those sessions from our office coworkers.

“Now that we have grown to a more established company and have become one of Canada’s top fintech startups, I’d love to give back and support entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey. Being involved with The Profile is a great way for me to do that and support the tech startup ecosystem in Vancouver.”

Thank you, Navid, for your time! For those interested in a smart, simple way to manage your investments, you can sign up at with the promo code TheProfileFTW to get a $50 signup bonus. Not sure what your financial priorities should be or need help getting started? Book a free consultation with ModernAdvisor via their Hubspot link.

You can meet the teams from The Profile and ModernAdvisor by coming along to Social Happy Hours at The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow St, VSW2017 25th-29th Sept. Want more from The Profile? If you like a bit of social media, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and add us on Instagram.

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