A different kind of Innovation Space

We believe, the best way to connect to innovation is “to get involved” and it is our mission to be the engineered serendipity that fosters this.


“Bringing people together in an inspiring environment”

In 2009 we opened as a Coworking Space hosting an amazing shared workspace, a collaborative community with amazing people offering Hotdesks and Meeting Spaces, Coffee, and such. However, we observed that through an events driven collaborative workspace and a little bit of engineered serendipity, it fostered inspiration and innovation.  It was about who we surrounded our members with that took Coworking to another level.

So we want to continue to foster this, do our small part in setting up the collisions of ideas.

Today we are operating the “The Profile Labs” and we are inviting the innovation ecosystem and community to join us.

We provide the space, the environment, the mind-set, or maybe we can call it “the state of space” and that is it. Our job is to put people together in an inspiring environment.

We believe, the best way to connect to innovation is “to get involved” and it is our mission to be the engineered serendipity that fosters this.

We are not an incubator, not an accelerator, but no doubt our space along with all Coworking spaces around the world are becoming the centers of natural innovation and we would like to support the existing accelerator community and ecosystem.

Our big idea. We have organized a scholarship through corporate partners to provide promising companies independent and objective advice where to seek incubator or accelerator or innovation programs.  We are the friends of the programmed innovation community and we support it.


“Just Get Involved”

We are allocating a portion of our awesome Coworking workspace within our existing Coworking community for promising companies who are looking to be immersed in innovation, inspiration, and community through our Profile Labs and partner programs.

The Bench:

We consist of a bench of advisors and mentors that meet, collaborate, entertain, and adhere to the axiom of “Just Get Involved”.

Partner Programming:

We have collaborated with organizations such as Wavefront AC, Founders Institute, Expert DOJO, Rampworth Consulting, and Spring University to facilitate their programming in our innovation space. Cohorts and programming is currently in progress.

Scholarship Funding:

We are inviting Corporations, VC’s and Professional Service Providers to contribute to a scholarship fund. The bench will determine through application, funding to qualifying companies to pay for their travel, programming admissions fees and pay to attend events to help companies to accelerate their growth and innovation.


Membership for life: 

At the time of joining you may be part of a cohort, you may be a founder, maybe a CEO, eventually an alumni, alumni become mentors, mentors become CEOs, volunteers become employees, alumni companies share talent and do business together. And on we go throughout our entrepreneurial and career journey. It’s Membership for life.

Stage agnostic to applying companies:

We accommodate both start-ups, growth companies or any business with the desire to learn and grow.

Not just startups:  

Our Coworking community includes all companies large and small, from start-ups to multinational companies. And together the results are exemplary. We believe that universally, big companies want to be around startups and vice versa due to the opportunity to learn from one and other.


For Joining Companies:

Coworking spaces are quickly becoming the de facto work space for a business. Building team moral and team bonding is crucial at any stage for a business, especially in the beginning when employees are nervous about funding. Putting a team in a space that fosters confidence in the stability of your startup has big value.
Our Innovation Labs asks for no obligation to sign into an exclusive term sheet. Our programs and workshops will be provided by multiple partners and sources. Our bench will help you chose the best suited program for your company.

Apply, attend our events, and meet our bench.  Qualify for scholarship funding and get your fees and travel funded.

For Supporting Organizations:

For those who support our innovation Labs such as VC’s, Professional Service Providers, and Corporations with community sponsorship goals. This is todays opportunity to build relationships with promising startup entrepreneurs through collaborative work spaces. Mingle with the entrepreneurs. Have 24/7 access to the space to hangout, have coffees, join them in beer Fridays. Participate in community building events. Master mind groups, talk on panels, and/or give inspirational talks and presentations. Provide referrals and connections to financing (no strings attached) and, or invest directly either exclusively or as a consortium. (no obligations)

For Partnering Program Provider:

We will objectively introduce your course curriculum and content to our community. We aim to facilitate companies to join your program and provide scholarship funding to pay for your course fees. We ask for no commissions or revenue sharing. We just ask for great partners and content.

Founder The Profile Coworking Business Clubs

Executive Director, The Profile Coworking Business Clubs

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