How To Manage Your Google My Business Account

Once you’ve claimed your Google My Business account, you need to manage and optimize it. There are multiple ways you can optimize your Google My Business page that makes it easier for your customers to get the information they need. Some optimization also helps Google to understand what your business services and products are, which will in turn help with your search engine rankings.

When entering your business information into Google My Business, make sure you add your website, phone number, photos, business description, address, service hours and service areas (if applicable), and timely updates.

Basic Information – Website, Phone Number, Photos & Business Description

Add your website link to your Google My Business page. This could be your home page, contact page, or maybe a “request a quote” page. Some businesses that don’t have a website will link to a third party website like their Instagram portfolio or their Door Dash order page.

Add your business phone number if your listing. When you add your phone number, people who view your listing on their phone can click to call that phone number. This may increase the amount of inbound sales calls you receive.

Add photos to your Google My Business listing. You can add a cover photo, your logo, and other photos. You should add photos that represent your business – products/services, customers enjoying your business benefits, your office space if customers visit your office, etc.

Your business description should be clear and concise. It should tell your customers about what your business is and what you sell. Leave out any information about temporary promotions or special events because there is another area of Google My Business to post timely updates.

Address & Service Areas

If you don’t have a physical address*, you can add service areas to your Google My Business profile. For example, you could be an independent lawyer who works from home, uses a virtual mailing address in Vancouver, but services all of Vancouver and the surrounding area. In that case, you wouldn’t want your customers to come to the virtual office and you probably wouldn’t want them to come to your house.  Adding service areas to your Google My Business tells your customer which areas your business operates in.

*Beware of using your home address for Google My Business. It can work for some small businesses but you’ll want to have a business address you can use for registration, mail, marketing, etc. You cannot use a “virtual address” if the office is not staffed during standard business hours. The workaround is to sign up for The Profile’s virtual mailbox address because the office is staffed Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 to receive mail and greet your customers if they happen to stop by.


Another aspect of Google My Business is reviews. Your customers can leave a star-rated review with photos and comments. As a business, you have the ability to reply to your customer’s reviews. It is important to monitor your reviews on Google My Business (currently there is no alert system to tell you when someone leaves a review). 

The more positive reviews you receive on your Google My Business listing, the better your search rankings will be. Typically listings with many positive reviews will be listed higher than businesses with no reviews, making it easier for potential customers to find you. One way to get more reviews is to make it a standard practice to ask your customer for a review after you serve them. Some businesses will even offer an incentive, like 10% off their next purchase, for leaving reviews.

It’s recommended to reply to every review, good or bad, but especially be sure to follow up with negative reviews. This shows that your business is active and that you have good customer service. Also, note that anyone can post a review regardless of whether they’ve purchased something from your business or not. That is why it’s so important to monitor your reviews. When you get a review from someone who you haven’t served, simply reply to let them know they are reviewing the wrong business.

Products & Services

You can add the products or services you offer to Google My Business. This can be especially helpful for companies offering a limited number of static products. Your customers will easily be able to see what you offer and how much it costs. 

When adding products, you can add a photo, product description, and product price. Your product price can be listed as a range or a fixed amount. You can also add a button that links to your site or the product page. This can be a helpful tool to increase your sales.

When adding services, you can select from suggested services or add a custom service. Similarly to products, you can list a fixed price, a price range, or a bottom price. Though you can’t add photos to services, you can add a service description.

Post Updates

You can post updates to your Google My Business page. Currently, Google is offering the ability for businesses to post their COVID-19 updates to let customers know if there are any changes. You can also post about special offers, upcoming events, or general business news. 

It’s beneficial to post timely updates. How often should you post on Google My Business? You should try and post an update once a week that includes a photo or video. There have been companies who have seen positive results from posting every day.

Here are some examples of ideas for Google My Business posts. If you have a new photo of a product that you might put on your Instagram, you should throw that up on your Google My Business as an update. Or if you are offering a new service, you should post an update about it. If you get a new review on a platform that is not Google My Business, such as Yelp or Yellow Pages, you could post about it.

Are you still confused about Google My Business? No worries, just contact us and we can help you register your business, set up your Google My Business listing with our virtual mailbox address, and more.

How to Claim a Google My Business Account

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an important online tool that helps businesses manage their Google business account. The importance lies with its ability to help your customers find your business easily and quickly. All businesses, whether online-based or with a storefront, should set up and optimize their google business listing. 

When customers search your business what do they see? The first listings that come up are Google ads, which you have to pay for. The second is the Google Maps listing where your Google My Business profile shows up – all free of charge. Your Google My Business listing may also show up on the right hand side of the search results. 

Typically the listings consists of:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Business hours
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Directions
  • Business description
  • Photos that accurately represent your business

More advanced and well-optimized listings will contain:

  • Timely updates
  • Products or services
  • Appointment booking (if applicable)

Why Should I Claim My Google Business Account?

As far as search engines go, this is prime real estate that everyone is going after. Statistically speaking, customers are far more likely to click on listings that show up on the first page. The data shows that most people won’t scroll very far to find what they are looking for. The easier you can be found, the more you will be seen, and (hopefully) the more you will sell.

So let’s run through an example. With The Profile, customers might search for a coworking office. They type in “coworking offices North Vancouver” to the Google search bar and immediately see The Profile’s Google My Business listing. When they click on it, they have all the information they need. They see our products and prices. They see our COVID-19 update that tells them we are still open. They can take action by clicking on our website link or calling us right from the business listing.

Your next step is to set up your account and optimize your listing to make the most of the Google My Business benefits.

How To Claim A Google Business Account

Now that you understand the benefits of a Google My Business, the first step is to claim your Google business account. All you need is a Google gmail account to claim your Google My Business. 

The process can be summarized with three simple steps:

  1. Use your Google email address to start a Google My Business account.
  2. Request your Google postcard to your business address and enter the code in your Google My Business account
  3. Add your business information and optimize your Google My Business account

Using your Gmail Google email address, google the name of your business and your Google Maps listing should pop up. Within the listing, click the “Suggest an edit – Own this business?” link. This will take you to the Google My Business account set up page.

You need to enter your business address and select your business category. To make the most of your listing, you should also add your phone number, service areas, website, and a short business description.

Next, you need to verify that you own the business and the associated address. To do this, request your Google postcard on the Google My Business portal. Your Google postcard will arrive through the mail to your business address after a few days or weeks. It contains a code you need to enter in the Google My Business portal. Once that code is entered, you now own and can optimize your Google business listing. That’s it!

Can I use my home address to claim my Google business account?

When entering your address into your Google business account, there are a few things you should know. You can use your home address or business address to claim your Google business account, but not a PO box address. If you can, it’s best to use a business address to claim your Google business account. Using a home address to claim your Google business account is not best practice because it may not be the best idea for your business. Some small businesses can thrive using their home address, while others may struggle.

Although you can hide your address in your Google business listing, using your home address can still provide privacy concerns. Google will store your home address as your business address in your listing. Additionally, if you want to share an office address with your customers, you would have to provide your personal home address.

As you grow and scale your business, having a business address gives you a more formal and professional look. You may need to use your business address for registration, marketing materials, proposals or documents.

What if I don’t have a business address?

If you don’t have a business address, you still have options. Since a PO Box address won’t be accepted by Google, you can either use your home address or use a virtual mailbox address. A virtual mailbox address is recommended when you don’t have a physical business address.

Virtual Office Address

A virtual address, or vanity address, is a great solution when you don’t have a physical business address. It allows you to use a professional address without having to rent a physical office space. Most virtual addresses will also allow you to receive business mail and packages.

At The Profile, we offer virtual mailbox addresses. These are vanity addresses that businesses use to receive mail and packages, register their businesses, add to their website or business cards. And – of course – businesses use the virtual mailbox address to claim their Google business account and put the address in their listing. Each of our customers receive a business address with a unique office number. Our customers can choose between one of three virtual addresses in flourishing areas within Vancouver.

Still need help registering your business and getting your Google My Business listing set up? No problem, we are happy to help! Just contact us.

How Coworking Communities Can Help You During COVID-19

Many of us are hunkering down in our homes and obeying Dr. Henry’s stay-at-home orders while fantasizing about the good old days of attending sporting events and meeting up at a coffee shop with friends. We continue to optimize our perfect ‘home office’, until we realize that we miss our social spaces, including coworking spaces. 

Just as all co-living and co-sharing spaces are affected; coworking spaces, including The Profile, have been hit hard. While we carry on in utmost confidence that once this is under control our spaces will be a safe haven for those looking to be more productive out of the house. 

Coworking/flexible offices will also be a saving grace for many companies looking to relieve themselves from their own long term lease. We are committed to creating and adopting a new era of coworking once some of the pressure is relieved, and we look forward to sharing this new model with you in the next few months. 

Until that time, Coworking spaces can STILL provide benefits for members and prospective clients alike.

While going into the office has changed, business has not. Yes, you can use your home office, but you still need a business licence tied with a business address. At The Profile, you can get set up with a virtual address tied together with your company business licence. 

While The Profile has adapted by providing mail forwarding to the homes of all of our members, we look forward to launching our new virtual office plans with a focus on the new normal of safety and convenience. 

For more information on our mailbox options visit us at:

Coworking gives you a sense of community

We have all been through a lot over the last weeks. Business culture has changed, employees are working from home; and all of this is wrapped up in a lot of uncertainty. Coworking spaces offer the chance to be part of a community all going through and solving problems together. Here are a just a few ways our community is contributing:

  • Manning Elliott

Our Community sponsors have been an integral source for us to share the constantly changing news.

As sponsors, they have also contributed some of their funds to helping out members in need of assistance. We will post more on this great contribution soon! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

  • North Vancouver Chamber Weekly Webinars

Our local chamber in Lower Lonsdale has provided webinars on lease protocols, and various government protocols that we can pass on to our members. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates.

  • Within People

Members of our North Vancouver location, Laurie Bennett and his global Within People team felt it was important to start to examine what makes leaders stepping up in this coronavirus era different – and what they are doing practically to emerge stronger from today into a business they proudly continue to grow. On Wednesday, May 13th, The Profile members are invited to join their online webinars to learn more. Get in touch with us directly if you would like to take part. 

  • Downtown Vancouver BIA

A constantly forward thinking group that is looking at ways our community can expand and be stronger in spite of the current environment. Actively hosting webinars, promoting local businesses, and sharing a tonne of information. We will dive more into this relationship in the coming months. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and get updates on all their amazing initiatives happening in and around Vancouver.

  • Feed Me Fit

Our favorite plant based meal delivery program based out of the North Shore is offering the community a bunch of different savings right now such as:

  • Join their Community Support Bundle that includes 5 (freezer friendly) soups/stews for $25. The proceeds of this bundle are helping them feed and support families in need. 
  • 20% off marked items on their website (which makes some meals only $10.40!)
  • They opened up their delivery area to the whole Lower Mainland and waived all delivery fees, as well as ensuring no contact deliveries.
  • They have also added 6 different Grocery Boxes that include fruits, veggies, baking ingredients, rice, milk, etc. at cost.

For more information on how to sign up for the Feed Me Fit program contact us or order here. You can also give them a follow on Facebook to stay up to date on all their current news and contests.

  • Jamie Smith Artistry

One of our amazing members, Jamie Smith, is an artist and owner of THRIVE Art Studio who has created free colouring sheets for you and your family to enjoy! Sign up and get instant access here.

  • Volition Virtual Pitch Event Canada 

Our long time event partners has not slowed down their commitment to entrepreneurs and will be hosting their first Virtual Pitch Event Canada on Wednesday, May 13th from 1:00PM – 3:00PM PT. They will be connecting with startups and entrepreneurs from different Canadian provinces.

Volition will be accepting applications until Wednesday, May 6th from all across Canada and will strive for geographic diversity. Get tickets here or apply here. You can also follow Volition on Twitter.

To continue to stay up to date with our community and everything else going on at The Profile, follow us below!

Linkedin, linkedin logo, logo, website icon

-Sunny Hundle, Cofounder/COO, [email protected]

Manning Elliott Solidifies Support for Innovation

If you’ve been to any major Vancouver Tech event, attended Vancouver Startup Week, or even come to any of The Profile’s three locations you would have noticed some familiar corporate logos and faces. Vancouver has a strong ecosystem with no shortage of corporate support from some great organizations. However, there has been one that consistently answers the bell in supporting The Profile Coworking Business Club; Manning Elliott Accountants & Business Advisors. 

A regular supporter to our ecosystem, Manning Elliott has now solidified their support by becoming a major sponsor of our Downtown location. ProfileMembers will have the ability to use and book the “Manning Elliott Innovation Room”, as well have the chance to sign up for office hours where they can meet with members of Manning Elliott to discuss their accounting and business needs. “The Profile prides itself on creating meaningful partnerships that benefits our membership base,” says Sunny Hundle, Cofounder/VP Operations at The Profile. “Manning Elliott is a fantastic resource for many of our entrepreneurs, and I am very excited to see how we continue to grow and develop this partnership.



We sat down with Paul Leedham, Partner with Manning Elliott to discuss this recent partnership:

What amazing things have been happening at Manning Elliott this year?

We continue to expand our technology practice services to keep up with the changing needs of our clients. We’re seeing exciting things happening in the technology community within British Columbia, with continued commitments of investor and government funding to small businesses as well as the development of new and interesting areas such as cryptocurrencies. As our clients grow and begin to conduct business across the Canadian border, we can help with the many challenges that will be encountered and develop strategies for success.

“Manning Elliott is a fantastic resource for many of our entrepreneurs, and I am very excited to see how we continue to grow and develop this partnership” – Sunny Hundle, Cofounder/VP Operations, The Profile

What made you decide to be a sponsor of The Profile?

Taking advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with our friends at The Profile was a no-brainer as it allows us to serve a common interest in assisting with the growth and development of early-stage technology entrepreneurs in the Lower Mainland.

What exciting things can we look forward to now that you are sponsor of The Profile?

During 2018, we’re looking forward to sharing our professional insights with members of The Profile through our bi-monthly office hours sessions, periodic lunch and learns on relevant hot topics, and getting to know everyone during some of The Profile’s social events.

What advice do you have for others doing business in Vancouver?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your professional advisors! We’re here to help you succeed and share our insights gathered through working with many individuals and organizations who have faced similar challenges.

How can people get involved with Manning Elliott?

Come chat with us when we’re onsite or reach out to Sunny and his team to put you in touch with us. You can also connect with our industry experts Fernando ( or Paul ( directly.

For more information on this partnership, to book the Manning Elliott Innovation Room for private meetings, or to reach out to Manning Elliott directly, contact:

Sunny Hundle, Cofounder/VP Operations, [email protected]

Exciting partnership between The Profile & The Canadian Securities Exchange means more meaningful events for all

Here at coworking and office space provider The Profile, we are true believers that being in good company can make for a good company! With this mantra in mind, we are delighted to announce (drum roll, please) that The Profile is welcoming The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), as a Gold Sponsor!

Fresh off the back of Megan Markle & Harry Windsor’s engagement, another long-lasting partnership has been melded; and our communities can expect a wealth of great events, expert advice, and a beautiful business lounge to call base.

The partnership will kick off with The CSE25 Index Celebration: Holiday Special Wednesday 6 December, 2-4pm, at The Profile Downtown. The event is a fantastic opportunity for capital markets professionals to mix and engage with entrepreneurs, and you’re invited.

The Profile offers a great environment for us to host meetings, seminars, and networking events – James Black, CSE

We caught up with the CSE’s James Black, VP, Listings Development (pictured left), he tells us, “The Profile offers a great environment for us to host meetings, seminars, and networking events. We held several events in the latter part of 2017 and found the experience to be friendly and seamless. Most importantly, our guests and clients commented on how much they enjoyed visiting the space.”


Business BFFs

2017 has been another banner year for both companies. The Profile has seen an expansion of our existing and very popular Gastown location to two new locations, Downtown & Lower Lonsdale, while Black tells us that the CSE “have experienced exponential growth in the trading of our listed securities and have also seen a record amount of funding come into our marketplace. This isn’t to forget the dozens of companies that have chosen to list on our exchange over the past year, many of which have roots here in Vancouver.”

The Profile will play host to the majority of our local events next year that will cover agendas such as our Go Public Bootcamps and the CSE Talks Series – James Black, CSE

With this partnership, both companies plan to bolster the burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem in Vancouver.

Networking after a successful CSE event at The Profile Downtown

Black tells us, “We have big plans now we have partnered with The Profile. For one, The Profile will play host to the majority of our local events next year that will cover agendas such as our ‘Go Public Bootcamps’ and the ‘CSE Talks Series’ – which will host entertaining and informative conversations on topics such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Cannabis. Additionally, The Profile will be our local media center for listing events where we will welcome new issues and celebrate our top performers on the exchange.”

The CSE educates companies on the path to going public, while showcasing their successful companies; all of which inspires many of our entrepreneurs looking to go down a similar road. – Sunny Hundle, The Profile

“2017 has been a year of exciting growth for The Profile,” says Executive Director of The Profile Sunny Hundle, “our expansion of office space, and the launch of the new events arm to our business wouldn’t be possible without the support of great organizations such as the CSE. We are excited to grow our partnership and to be the host of their stacked events line up which only benefits our community of members.”
Hundle explains what this means for members of The Profile: “The CSE educates companies on the path to going public, while showcasing their successful companies; all of which inspires many of our entrepreneurs looking to go down a similar road.”
While this holiday season allows both organizations to reflect on a great 2017, the true value comes from looking at what this partnership will bring in the future years. Black has advice for others doing business in Vancouver, “Come to The Profile – it’s where everything is happening!”
You can catch all the friendly teams at The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow St, V6E 3L2. Check out what’s coming up on The CSE events calendar and also check out our own events calendar. Interested in joining our community of friendly coworkers? You can book a tour through The Profile website, alternatively, to keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan

#RaisingTheProfile: Vote Green Chair Recycling for BC’s Best Community Impact award

Keeping the areas clean in our lovely coworking spaces is a challenge in itself, but imagine what it takes to clean up after city-wide events while recycling as much waste along the way. Fuelled by people power (the cleanest energy there is!) #ProfileMember Green Chair Recycling has rocketed themselves into the press and into the local business awards.


You can help support this awesome social enterprise, by voting Green Chair Recycling for the Small Business BC Awards’ Best Community Impact.

We caught up with the founder of Green Chair Recycling Liliana Segal (pictured left), who can be found hotdesking at our Gastown location.

TeamProfile: What have been some of your biggest successes to date? 
Liliana Segal: We’ve had so many different kinds of successes it’s hard to pick one! At a few events, we have actually achieved 100% diversion which is always exciting. We have to thank the event organizers as they worked with us to ensure vendors followed our recommendations to make this happen. Cooperation is so important in our field. We love educating people about what they can recycle and how to avoid things you can’t. Every time a volunteer, outreach student or event goer says “I didn’t know I could recycle that!” we consider it a great success too! It takes everyone making changes to make the big change and we value all changes big and small.

Take a (small) breather and surround yourself with positive people and get back at it. We’ve got a world to change!

Green-Chair-Recycling-volunteersTP: What advice do you have for others in Vancouver’s social enterprise sphere? 
LS: Just keep at it.  It can be difficult at times to stay motivated; doors close and money can be lost but it’s not over! Always remember your mission and why you started doing your great work in the first place. Take a (small) breather and surround yourself with positive people and get back at it. We’ve got a world to change!

TP: How can people get involved with Green Chair and your mission? 
LS: Lots of ways! We always enjoy having new (and old) volunteers join us at events. Volunteers bring a great energy and it really adds to our fire. We post event opportunities and when we’re out in the community doing shoreline cleanups or similar events on our website and Facebook page so everyone is invited to follow along. But the most important thing anyone can do to get involved with our mission is to care for the environment! Educate yourself on where our materials come from and where they go. Refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle whenever you can and show people a zero waste (or minimal waste) lifestyle is possible!

We’re always learning and always growing

Green-Chair-Recycling-volunteers-2TP: What’s next for Green Chair Recycling? 
LS: Well we’re really crossing our fingers for this award! After that we’re doing a bit of restructuring based on what we’ve learned through experience and some business classes; we’re always learning and always growing. We’re going to up our social media presence and become a source of information about recycling and our environmental impact for everyone, not just those who deal with us directly such as event organizers and schools we’re delivering outreach to. We want to expand our reach to everyone!

You heard! Vote for Green Chair Recycling now and help them on their crusade to keep Vancouver green by following them on the socials, on Twitter and on Facebook  where you can hear more about their time at The Profile! Alternatively, book a tour on The Profile website, and come by The Profile Gastown, 375 Water St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6. To keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan

Raising the profile: Build your own city with Mythical City Games’ new VR game, Skytropolis

Here at coworking and office space provider, The Profile, we talk commuter’s hell, the race to grab space, and the high-rising costs of skyscrapers. If you’re like us and have always wanted to put in your two cents about the design of Downtown, you can now put your money where your mouth is! Vancouver-based Mythical City Games has launched Skytropolis, a Virtual Reality (VR) vertical city building game where you create a mega skyscraper that contains an entire city inside of it.

The-Profile-Gastown-member-Jedrzej Jonasz-founder-Mythical-City-Games

Mythical City Games is a game development studio with a focus on intuitive and immersive VR design. Their new VR game that was created at The Profile Gastown this year has just launched on Steam and speaks to all Vancouver’s design dreamers and those city-centric.

We caught up with ProfileMember Jedrzej Jonasz (pictured left), founder of Mythical City Games, at our own Gastown location.

“[Vancouver] is the best place in the world to run a VR or AR startup”

Jonasz tells us,”Vancouver has an amazing indie game scene where the community helps to support studios and developers of all sizes. The VR and AR community has also grown over the past year to be one of the leaders in these industries and is the best place in the world to run a VR or AR startup.”

For those who want to know how to find TeamMythicalCityGames, they are in the room right beside the Express meeting room. Stop by and say hi, and try it out!

Have a go at playing God

Skytropolis-Screenshot02Want to know how to play? Here’s the story so far – You have secured a contract to build the world’s first vertical megacity. Start with a plot of land in the center of your city and build upwards into the sky, designing your ideal Skytropolis tower. Decide everything from the architectural design to every part of the interior. Do you maximize profit and use up resources from the surrounding city? Or balance sustainability by providing eco-friendly interiors and your own power generation. Be warned, the higher you build the more complex the city’s needs become. [TeamProfile: We think coworking spaces are an excellent solution to this problem!]

Skytropolis-ScreenshotThe Profile has seen past successes from Mythical City Games including when their first VR game Snow Fortress was selected by HTC to be one of their official demo games at all Microsoft and Gamestop stores across North America. So we can all look forward to their future works! Jonasz adds, “We are currently in development on new VR titles, such as our upcoming WW2 strategy game “Battle Fleet: Ground Assault” and the release of our game “Snow Fortress” on Sony’s PSVR platform.”

You can get the game with a 15% discount here: Skytropolis, or connect with Mythical City Games and hear more about their time at The Profile! Alternatively, book a tour on The Profile website, and come by The Profile Gastown, 375 Water St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6. To keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan

UPDATED: Quick! Opportunity opens to have access to prestigious Vancouver address

Desperately seeking office space? The Profile Coworking Business Club helps Vancouver’s demand for office space with new wing expansion.

As Vancouver’s business ecosystem grows with a booming startup scene and SMEs becoming more M than S, the demand for deskspace in downtown Vancouver is also growing.

With Amazon on the lookout for a base for their second headquarters, which will be the HQ for 50,000 high-paying jobs and a $5-billion US investment, the property grab for office space in central Vancouver is on!

To quell the thirst of remote workers, startups, micro-businesses and small businesses, coworking office space provider The Profile is expanding its downtown location (535 Thurlow St) with the opening of a new wing.

The Profile Downtown’s new wing includes seven new private offices due to be opened November 1st, but if you want one you’ll have to be quick, only two remain! (You can get in touch here.)

The expansion comes in quick succession after only having set up shop in the new location in July, but reaching capacity for resident offices just three weeks after.

We spoke to Executive Director, Sunny Hundle, who tells us, “Collaboration is synonymous with the ecosystem, that’s why it’s important to have a blend/variety of companies, and flexible office space allows that to happen. In addition to our popular resident offices, we have opened a 3000sq/ft members lounge for those who need even more flexibility!”

Each of the new offices can fit three-four members and has two tall windows with a view of the hubbub on Thurlow St. There is a special corner office still available for companies looking for that extra level of prestige.

Hundle adds, “We are Vancouver’s newest and only modern social business club. Our Resident Membership consists of more than just private offices and workspaces for teams, it includes access to our social business club lounge, the ultimate casual workspace, event venue and meeting space to drive innovation. It’s where the creative minds in business, art, tech, and innovation come to meet.  We create, we work, we entertain, we host and by sharing, we are making best use of the space.”

Like what you hear and want to see it for yourself? You can book a tour through The Profile website, with prices available on application. The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow, V6E 3L2. To keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan

Image credit for banner icon: Designed by Freepik

Great places to eat within meters of The Profile Downtown

Here at coworking office space The Profile, we know that coworkers are a wonderful species, they have the amazing ability to turn pizza into code, tacos into text, and sushi into business strategy.

Good food can mean good work, that’s why we have found some of our favorite places within meters of our new downtown location (535 Thurlow) where you can eat delicious food till your heart’s content, or at least until lunch break is over.

Advice from a pro: If you’re short on time, why not call to order ahead and skip the queue?


Tacofino-Oasis-near-The-Profile-Downtown122-1050 W Pender, Vancouver, BC, V6E 3S7

(604) 428 8453

We love a bit of local! Being a local provider of coworking space, we wholly support other BC-based businesses. Our friends at Tacofino have swam over from the island and landed just 500 meters away from us.

Best known for burritos, these generously portioned wraps come in duck, beef, pork, chicken, fish, bean, and cauliflower & beet.

Inside and outside seating is limited, but they are well wrapped so will stay warm while you walk back to your office.

Yes they provide catering, yes there are a few other locations you can find them, yes we love their Mexican Pozole feature soup, made from pork and hominy stew, avocado, cilantro.


Chewies-Restaurant-near-The-Profile-Downtown1055 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9

(604) 620-7634

Take a seat at the bar and watch the servers shuck oysters! Chewies are well-deserved award winners for their oysters but did you know their fried chicken is a knock out too? This rich food will impress clients and is at the higher end of the market.

Seating inside is all on tall chairs with a fantastic view out to the harbour. Sit down for a while and let yourself be tempted to try those oysters.


Poke Time


Burrard Skytrain Station, #148 – 1055 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC, .V6C 2L1

(778) 379-7187

Reap the smug points and the likes on insta, this colourful and large lunch will leave you feeling healthy and content. For experienced poke eaters, this poke place is more fruity than usual with mandarine and pineapple add-ins. Top tip: always go pre-marinated.

FYI: Masago = orange fish eggs.



Scuie-pizza-near-The-Profile-Downtown1115 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 0B7
(604) 558-3337

Could it be any closer? Just a couple of lengths of stretch pizza and you’re there. This Roman style cafe, is the easiest way to get an express lunch.

Get the mozzarella laden cold slice to take away, blast it in the micro for a min and you’ve got yourself some string cheese sorcery!



Fujiya-near-The-Profile-Downtown#112-1050 W. Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 3S7
(604) 608-1050

Quite possibly the cheapest sushi around, however this tag line means that you have to face a huge lineup. Everyone trying to get in on the $2.95 trays of 9 piece California Rolls or the $5.95 Beef Yakisoba Box

How do they do it so cheap?  Because this is a branch off from their much larger flagship superstore, which you can find close to the East Van sign +. Fill up on the $1.95 sake salmon sashimi without spending the whole of your daily calorie allowance or breaking the budget.

Meat & Bread

1033 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6

Once was only available to our Gastown family, now we get the good stuff too. You have to wait till it opens at 11am to get your hands on their daily freshly made bread and sandwiches. But oh my, when you do, you’ll never look at meat and bread in the same way.

Pick The Porchetta with salsa verde and crackling, at $9.50 it’s best kept as a treat.

I rate it 5 out of 5 hip-stars.


Heritage Asian Eatery

Heritage-Asian-Eatery-near-The-Profile-Downtown1108 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4J6

(778) 737-1108

Just look at those dishes! Need I say more? You can find our Executive Director Sunny Hundle with a bao in one hand and a spoon full of salmon roe in the other while posting to the socials about how goooood it is.



Have we missed out your favorite? Or if you’ve got some good suggestions to add to the list, get in contact. Our roving reporter Natasha is more than happy to do the field work!

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4 takeaways from Vancouver Startup Week 2017

Content creator Natasha Baer from coworking office space provider, The Profile, shares her experiences of Vancouver Startup Week 2017 (#VSW2017).

Fresh off the back of one of the busiest and buzziest events, we caught up with one of the team involved in setting up and hosting daily events.

Natasha Baer: VSW2017 was surely one of the greatest ways for me to see the very best of what Vancouver has to offer the startup sphere. Being a newcomer to this city, I am really keen to understand the business community here and get to know all the exciting companies. VSW2017 was an amazing platform to showcase that.

The Profile celebrated the opening of its new downtown location in time with VSW2017, and we gifted the space free of charge because we genuinely believe that it’s a great cause.

Being involved in running the space meant more than just unlocking the doors, during the week people needed our space for all types of events. Including, but not limited to: VSW2017 headquarters, panel events from WIT Regatta, key speeches from TechStars‘ superstars, workshops from Talent Collective, Manning Elliott’s open office hours, the #TELUSpitch contest, a Blockchain bustout presented by Blockchain at UBC, our own Social Happy Hours, and break out space for all attendees. Our space allowed for all these different awesome ideas to have a home and become a reality.

Here are 4 takeaways I learned while on the job:

  1. Have something ready to offer: We took no payment, so what was in it for us? The chance to meet hundreds of potential clients and partners, and to offer our members access to any of the entertaining and informative events happening in our space. Engaging with people is why we were involved so we are talking to attendees all about our campaign to help entrepreneurs by helping them crowdfund the money to pay for office space. You can find out more about how you can use crowdfunding to pay for a membership here.
  2. Social media: Be all over it. As a venue people can check in and post from our location on Facebook and on Instagram. Every time someone tags us, make sure to like and/or reply. It’s great when someone takes the time to include us in their post, we get to reap all the likes!
  3. Food & drink: Jesus may have been able to feed the crowds with 5 loaves and 2 fish, no one else can. We would recommend booking catering through the venue. With great event experience, comes great event knowledge and having an experienced eye run over your catering order might just save the day, #hangry.
  4. Keep the flame burning: Just because VSW2017 is over doesn’t mean that’s the last we will see of VSWers. As part of our commitment to help grow the ecosystem, we are giving all VSW attendees 1 x week free community membership. This allows you to have 24/7 access to the lounge, free coffee, and networking with all of our coworking friends. Simply contact us to activate your free community membership.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and some new ones too!

The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow, V6E 3L2. To keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan. Or take us up on our offer of free membership, no need to book just pop in!