4 takeaways from Vancouver Startup Week 2017

Content creator Natasha Baer from coworking office space provider, The Profile, shares her experiences of Vancouver Startup Week 2017 (#VSW2017).

Fresh off the back of one of the busiest and buzziest events, we caught up with one of the team involved in setting up and hosting daily events.

Natasha Baer: VSW2017 was surely one of the greatest ways for me to see the very best of what Vancouver has to offer the startup sphere. Being a newcomer to this city, I am really keen to understand the business community here and get to know all the exciting companies. VSW2017 was an amazing platform to showcase that.

The Profile celebrated the opening of its new downtown location in time with VSW2017, and we gifted the space free of charge because we genuinely believe that it’s a great cause.

Being involved in running the space meant more than just unlocking the doors, during the week people needed our space for all types of events. Including, but not limited to: VSW2017 headquarters, panel events from WIT Regatta, key speeches from TechStars‘ superstars, workshops from Talent Collective, Manning Elliott’s open office hours, the #TELUSpitch contest, a Blockchain bustout presented by Blockchain at UBC, our own Social Happy Hours, and break out space for all attendees. Our space allowed for all these different awesome ideas to have a home and become a reality.

Here are 4 takeaways I learned while on the job:

  1. Have something ready to offer: We took no payment, so what was in it for us? The chance to meet hundreds of potential clients and partners, and to offer our members access to any of the entertaining and informative events happening in our space. Engaging with people is why we were involved so we are talking to attendees all about our campaign to help entrepreneurs by helping them crowdfund the money to pay for office space. You can find out more about how you can use crowdfunding to pay for a membership here.
  2. Social media: Be all over it. As a venue people can check in and post from our location on Facebook and on Instagram. Every time someone tags us, make sure to like and/or reply. It’s great when someone takes the time to include us in their post, we get to reap all the likes!
  3. Food & drink: Jesus may have been able to feed the crowds with 5 loaves and 2 fish, no one else can. We would recommend booking catering through the venue. With great event experience, comes great event knowledge and having an experienced eye run over your catering order might just save the day, #hangry.
  4. Keep the flame burning: Just because VSW2017 is over doesn’t mean that’s the last we will see of VSWers. As part of our commitment to help grow the ecosystem, we are giving all VSW attendees 1 x week free community membership. This allows you to have 24/7 access to the lounge, free coffee, and networking with all of our coworking friends. Simply contact us to activate your free community membership.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and some new ones too!

The Profile Downtown, 535 Thurlow, V6E 3L2. To keep up to date with all things coworking, why not follow us on Twitter @theprofilevan, like us on Facebook @TheProfileVancouver, and add us on Instagram @theprofilevan. Or take us up on our offer of free membership, no need to book just pop in! 


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